We make use of HPCSA and APA standardised assessments to ensure compliance with the South African legislation.

Our psychometric assessments are intended to determine aptitude, intellectual abilities, interest, social and emotional behaviour, and personality types that are relevant to the world of work in general and jobs specifically. Due to the vast number of psychometric assessments, implementation is done according to specific client needs. All assessments can be administered and invigilated online.

Additionally, we make use of a unique online system, Job Performance Areas Matching Index (JPAMI), which is a combination of job profiling, psychometric assessments, and 360º observational evaluations. This is a powerful system which provides the opportunity to compare the psychometric results against the job profile and the 360º observational evaluation results.

The JPAMI services are specifically used for businesses and organisations, and are included for the purposes of:
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Person-Job fit
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Employee development