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About Us

JDWK is an industrial / organisational psychology practice that specialises in implementing various psychological and human resource systems and constructs in organisations. By utilising specific online technologies, we are able to extract and analyse relevant and meaningful organisational data to improve human capital and potential.

On an individual and personal level, the JDWK practice offers various services aimed at improving self-knowledge and career perspectives through standardised psychometric assessments, feedback, and counselling. The practice also focuses on assisting individuals who have experienced trauma, by utilising a specialised trauma counselling technique.


Trauma Counselling

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event. Our aim is to help individuals find constructive ways of managing their emotions


We assess for: Recruitment & Selection; Person-job fit; Skills Gap Analysis; Employee Development, Career Development, Career Guidance, Organisational Analysis, and more

360º Performance Management

Our sophisticated online 360º Performance System enables the user to seamlessly manage the entire 360º project

Job Grading

The specialised online Job Grading System allows companies to efficiently and scientifically grade their jobs

Career Guidance & Development

We render specialised assessments and counselling to assist individuals who: seek clarity on deciding what career to pursue; or want to develop their careers further



South Africa, Pretoria


+27 71 675 3015

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